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Frolicking through the Snow PDF Print E-mail
Written by Zoalord   
Monday, 17 May 2010 08:41

Sunday evening was supposed to be the first matchup of Squad A vs B. With several no shows, the match never happened. KTKnight, Spides, and DoctorSheltron were all no shows without notification. Everyone can thank them for our delay of playing last night wich resulted in public play.
Air2Air, freonchill, myself, and xforevertroox all joined up on the same squad while planb85 and kogh300 joined the opposition. Danimal sprinted off to play MAG instead. Planb85 turned out to be a thorn in several of the attackers sides as more than once "Son of A" could be heard over the mic system. [RFW]Planb85 killed [RFW]Z04L0RD999 was seen several times across the screen, then planb85 vanished. It appeared planb85 ran off to play squad deathmatch. The maps carried on with the squad dominating 1,2,3,4 spots and most results ended up being victories.

Hopefully, Wednesday night will be a better turn out or this whole bfbc2 thing might result in several people being removed from the roster.

First Win of the Season PDF Print E-mail
Written by Zoalord   
Monday, 12 April 2010 07:44

rfw* had its first victory of the season last night due to a forfeit by Prodigy. We didn't prefer a win like that, but a win is a win. As a way to fill the scheduled match time we had an internal 4v4 squad rush scrimmage. GovJR showed that not only can she shoot in matches, but she has no problem shooting her own people in the head. GovJR was accompanied by KTKnight, who used motion sensors to paint little triangles over the opposing squad and a G3 to paint the opposing squad with death. FreonChill provided large doses of health for his teammates while also using a technique known as sneaking from behind. PlanB85 was seen waving at people from a distance before eliminating their chances to plant or diffuse the bomb. Spides was seen curled up into a ball holding a bloody knife. Rumors have it he knifed everyone on the opposing team in one round. Zoa used a suicide bomber's technique, but forgot the C4. He charged into rooms on multiple occasions, killing 3/4 members of the opposite squad, supposedly as a way to avenge his three fallen comrades.  Air2Air held true to his value of life, hiding around corners and killing people as they went by.  He also had the longest average life, something we all should be envious of and try to work towards.  ForeverTroo helped by not only dropping a few of the other squad, but also by skipping around and dropping little health kits.  All in all, everyone enjoyed the event and can't wait for the next time we are all able to be online at the same time.

Last Updated on Monday, 12 April 2010 11:30
rfw* vs Them Old Bastards PDF Print E-mail
Written by Zoalord   
Friday, 09 April 2010 16:24

rfw* faced off against ToB for its second 6vs6 plus match. rfw* started off attacking on Isla Inocentes. ToB was holding the island pretty tightly and the rfw* squads were very unorganized in it's attempts to take out the bomb sites. With about 20 tickets left we finally decided to initiate planb. Suicide bombing Air Cavalry began making assault runs on the bomb sites. Both blew up with only one ticket remaining. This plan continue to work until the last two remaining bomb sites when JCLyons from ToB climbed into his Hind helicopter. JCLyons is maverick from Top Gun apparently as he single handedly handed us the defeat for Isla Inocentes.

The map then moved to Arica Harbor where rfw* put up a good fight in the 8vs8, but the onslaught of tanks and skilled sniper shooting was just to much for us. The match ended 2-0.

Requiem for Warriors New Site PDF Print E-mail
Written by Zoalord   
Saturday, 07 July 2007 03:54

rfw* has gone to a CMS format again. Hopefully this site will be filled with news and info about our games we play and enjoy.

Last Updated on Friday, 09 April 2010 08:25
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